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Achievement of Collaboration

With sunshine sprinkling over the black and white eaves, and fallen leaves flowing along the river in the autumn breeze, the autumn of Wuzhen slowly began, showing the unique colors of the ancient town with bridges and waters. This autumn, PJCHEM employees’ arrival has brought more colors to Wuzhen..

From October 8 to 10, 2021, the employees of PJCHEM and its subsidiaries, gathered in Tongxiang to carry out a three-day sports team-building activity. They came from all over the country to gather together for a great event.

In the field of the activity Giant Catcher, they worked together, showing their united cooperation. Although they came from different provinces and departments, they shared the same goal to go forward for the honor of the team.

The Raptors, led by Captain Lu Wenzhi, came on the field last and showed us how to make full use of the physical advantages of the team members for a perfect collaboration, achieving the fastest result in the field. However, the Raptors were deducted 10 seconds for buying practice time before the game, losing to the Must-win team led by Captain Bi Yongsheng. In the end, the Must-win team won the sectional championship of the Giant Catcher with a narrow time advantage.

On the sports field, the PJCHEM people were as fast as arrows and as agile as leopards. The PJCHEM athletes ignited the field with passion and won applause with sweat.

On the soccer field, the two teams, one from the south and one from the north, finally met. Although everyone was familiar with their opponents, the star players of the opposing team encountered key defenses. The athletes sweated and ran on the field, and shot as much as they can in pursuit of victory.

At the beginning of the first half of the game, the Inner Mongolia team gained the upper hand with the goal of Huang Weijie, while the Shanghai team strengthened the ball control in the front field and tried to reach the penalty area several times without success. When the game was at the most intense stage, the Shanghai team scored a goal with fewer players in the penalty area, changing the score to 1:1. About 10 minutes later in the first half, the Inner Mongolia team took advantage of a mistake made by the Shanghai team and scored another goal, making the score 2:1. The Shanghai team, which fell behind for the second time, showed its tenacity with an unyielding spirit, and finally tied the score again at the end of the first half.

In the second half, the two teams replaced a number of players with substitutes. Back to the same starting point, both teams played very cautiously and patiently. Seeing that the game was about to end, Zhu Shen, the general manager, blocked the pass from the defender of the Inner Mongolia team in front of the big penalty area and shot. The goalkeeper of the Inner Mongolia team quickly blocked the ball, and the ball fell near Zhu. With a low shot of Zhu, the Shanghai team won this exciting and suspenseful game with the score of 3:2. Zhu was elected as the best player of the game for his decisive goal.

On the basketball court, the colleagues from Inner Mongolia came to the south of the Yangtze River for the basketball game. Despite their disadvantage in physical strength and in the number of substitutes, they offended calmly and defended bravely, just like the eagles heading south from the Mongolian Plateau. The Shanghai players, on the other hand, had cultivated tacit cooperation, abundant physical energy and a solid substitute lineup through regular training. Under the leadership of Dr. Sun Chaoyang, all of them played calmly and discreetly, determined to defend their honor at home. After 20 minutes of fierce competition in the first half, the score was almost tied, with the Shanghai team taking a narrow lead of 4 points. In the second half, the Baotou team resisted tenaciously under Liu Feng’s organization. The Shanghai team fully demonstrated their strengths in physical energy and in substitute players. Its edge continued to expand, and it finally won the game with the score of 55:36.

At the badminton competition, boys and girls cooperated with each other. The temporarily formed team cooperated well as the game progressed, showing rounds of wonderful sparring, followed by cheers one after another. The athletic postures of the players on the court and the shuttlecocks flying back and forth have attracted a lot of people in the gymnasium.

After 3 hours’ exciting duel, Wang Saibo and Yang Dalei from the first group won the championship after five hurdles, Liu Menghui and Zhang Juan from the sixth group won the second place, Feng Shuai and Yang Qiuxiang from the fourth group won the third place, and Wang Rongju and Ji Haixia from the fifth group won the fourth place.

In the competition field of the national football festival, many colleagues cooperated for the first time, but there was no gap at all. Through the practice before the game, they quickly became familiar with their partners. At the scene, many colleagues technically instructed their partners in a timely manner to discuss how to return the serve. Colleagues who watched the game made suggestions together and worked hard to better display the strength of the team. At the scene, colleagues from different companies and departments exchanged ideas with each other enthusiastically, and made friends through the ball, which deepened everyone’s friendship. In the end, it was out of question that PJCHEM’s No.1 seed player, Lu Wenzhi and his partner Luo Sucai won the championship, while Chen Zhengyong and Ji Haixia won the second place regretfully.

On the second day, each group performed themselves with wits in the Wuzhen. Everyone in PJCHEM recorded their best play in this beautiful town full of waters and briges.

The members of each group worked together to give full play to the advantages of the team.

At the award ceremony in the evening, all of the players tried their best and competed for each other, and finally determined the best performed team of this game. PJCHEM awarded trophies and commemorative prizes to the winners of the various competitions and the strongest teams. At the award ceremony, Zhu Shen, Chairman of of the board of PJCHEM, stated that thanks to the efforts of every team leader and logistics staff and the joint participation of every team member, the company’s team-building activities have seen flourishing achievement. PJCHEM will go on with sports activities and encourage their staffs to play the vigorous spirit of the company to go beyond themselves in the process of sports exercise. Next year, PJCHEM plans to hold the second sports-themed team-building activity in Inner Mongolia to pass on the PJCHEM’s spirit of struggle against all odds.

On the third day, all staffs of the company went to South Lake to visit the Red Boat —— a red landmark where the Chinese Revolution was born. This is the place where a group of young aspirants coalesced at the darkest time of the Chinese nation, adopted the first programme and resolution of the Communist Party of China and elected the Party’s leading body, announcing the formal establishment of the Communist Party of China. With their hearts surging, PJCHEM’s Communists faced the South Lake and recited their party oath to honour the memory of the revolutionary martyrs. The party oath is a solemn commitment made by party members to the party and the people. Generations of Chinese Communists, facing the bright red Party flag, pledged their oath word for word. The Communists of PJCHEM, at the birthplace of the Party, solemnly renewed their oath to join the Party and made a solemn promise. Remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind. They are becoming pioneers of PJCHEM, and fighting for the glory of the party.

PJCHEM always pursues its higher level, faster development, and wish its members have stronger physique and be more united. The power, sweat, perseverance and enthusiam in the sport made each of people in this company more cohesive. In the future, the people of PJCHEM will be ambitious, and brave to challenge themselves and try their best to overcome difficulties. Now, it can be announced that the three-day sports-themed team building activities come to a successful conclusion.

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