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Take joint efforts to combat Covid-19!

Covid-19 will be defeated,

and the spring will come!

– a message of hope

Work together to combat Covid-19 and overcome difficulties


Since the latest launch of COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has taken potent measures in the city. To ensure the safe and normal operation of the  factory and R&D center in Jinshan District, fully implement the company's policy and work requirements, and fulfill the goal of controlling the epidemic and ensuring safe production, all colleagues in Jinshan District worked together and devoted themselves to the battle of “preventing epidemic and ensuring production”.


At 8:23 p.m. of March 27, the Shanghai Government officially issued a directive to conduct step-by-step lockdown for nucleic acid screening with the Huangpu River as the boundary. As soon as the government officially issued the document, all heads at the  factory and R&D center immediately held emergency meetings and decided to pick some workers to live in the factory according to the pandemic situation and the progress of the company’s projects, so as to prevent and control the pandemic and keep safe production.


After receiving the instruction, the mobilization work was carried out in all departments. During this difficult period, a group of PJCHEM people volunteered to stay in the factory to guarantee production, the mobilization work of the whole factory was finished in only one hour. The frontline staff packed their bags immediately and were all stationed at the factory by 22:30 and stayed on duty!

A total of 15 people were stationed in the R&D Centre, and Cao Zhengyang was the on-site person in charge of the R&D Centre during its stay in the plant to ensure the stable operation of key projects and supporting devices in the R&D Centre.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, the supply of raw gas was not guaranteed. The R&D Centre organised the stoppage of the model test in an orderly manner on the same day, while all the personnel were transferred to the lab-test, struggling to carry out 15 lab-testdevice, including assembling and reconstructing the device, and carrying out the restoration of the Binhua distillation device back to the plant. The rest of the R&D departments carried out experiment methodically.

A total of 50 people were stationed at the factory in Jinshan District. The plant and catalyst production was running steadily under the leadership of Lu Wenzhi, General Manager of the factory.

After receiving the notice of stationing in the factory, Shen Dan of the General Management Department urgently arranged for the canteen staff to be stationed in the factory together in order to provide good livelihood support for the staff stationed in the factory, and overcame difficulties to urgently purchase a batch of mattress quilts and other daily necessities for the staff, which provided strong support for the stable production of MG Catalyst.

While ensuring safe production, the special safety management of the on-site Pandemic was also in full swing. The staff were methodically carrying out nucleic acid testing and their excellent awareness of pandemic prevention and control is highly appreciated by the personnel in the industrial area!

Due to the closure and control caused by the pandemic, General Manager Zhu Shen remotely sent the most sincere condolences and respect to all the staff who held on to their posts during the pandemic, and to the families who strongly support and silently dedicate themselves!

They are on the front line

The road ahead will not be easy, but we must have the strength to face hardship, to love and be committed to our work, and to be brave to take the lead. When you unite as one and move forward to shoulder the responsibilities on your shoulders, you are our heroes! This is the true embodiment of the PJCHEM FLY Spirit !

We will overcome this difficulty and embrace a warm spring!

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