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Unremitting pursuit of self-improvement

At noon on November 28, the final evaluation of 2020-2021 PJCHEM FlyBursary for the School ofMaterials Science and Engineering of Shanghai University was heldsuccessfully in classroom J102 of Shanghai University’s Baoshan Campus.

Mao Yanpeng, Director of the R&D Center of PJCHEM, Sun Zhaoyang,Manager of the Second R&D Department, Zhou Hao, Manager of the GeneralManagement Department, Qi Jing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of theSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai University, and YanShifeng, Director of the Department of Polymer Materials, School of MaterialsScience and Engineering, Shanghai University, Zhao Yan from the Department ofMaterials Engineering of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, andWang Renyong, the undergraduate counselor and associate professor of the Schoolof Materials Science andEngineering, attended the event as guest judges. All the undergraduates of the 2020 classof the School of Materials Science and Engineering were also present. Theceremony was hosted by Qiao Yuhui, an undergraduate from the School ofMaterials Science andEngineering.

Group photo

Many students have actively signed up for theevaluation of the bursary, which was actively supported by the teachers ofShanghai University. A group of the students have made great progress inacademic performance and conform to PJCHEM’s talent concept and values. A totalof 18 students stood out and successfully advanced to the final, which was conducted in theform of on-site defense. 18 contestants came to the stage in the order ofdrawing lots to present a 3-minute self-statement, followed by a 2-minutequestion from the judges.

On-site defense and judges raising questions

After the defense session, Director Mao Yanpeng commented on theperformance of the students and explained the purpose of the Fly Bursary: “TheFly Bursary does not require you to be the best; as long as you keep workinghard and moving forward, you will get our attention.” The purpose ofestablishing the bursary is to encourage the students to be positive andenthusiastic. PJCHEM hopes that young students can constantly improvethemselves when they are forming their own values and outlook on life. PJCHEMalso hopes to inspire them to make new progress in the spirit of “unremittingpursuit of self-improvement”. Director Mao also expressed his expectations,hoping that the students would not only keep improving themselves but also makejoint efforts to realize greater achievements in the future.

Director Mao giving a speech

After a fierce competition, 15 students were awarded PJCHEM Fly Bursaryfor the 2020-2021 academic year, including 2 grand prizes and 13 excellentprizes.

The final of Shanghai University’s PJCHEM Fly Bursary for the 2020-2021academic year was rounded off successfully.

Director Mao presenting theawards to the students winning the grand prize.

Manager Sun Zhaoyang and Manager Zhou Haopresenting awards to the students who won the excellent prize.

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