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Synthesis of MMA

PJCHEM has developed two processes to produce MMA including MMA synthesis from acrylic acid/acrylate and MMA synthesis from Ethylene and CO. MMA can be widely used in the fields of PMMA, coatings and ACR/MBS. In recent years, MMA supply and demand imbalance in the domestic market, majority of high-end MMA materials are being imported. Both of the processes are developed independently by PJCHEM, who owns the intellectual property rights of the whole process. 

The main raw materials of the acrylic acid to MMA technology are acrylic acid or methyl acrylate, formaldehyde and H2. MMA is synthesized through hydrogenation and aldol reaction. The development of the technology has expanded the industrial chain of acrylic acid.

The main raw materials of the ethylene to MMA technology include ethylene、methanol、CO and formaldehyde. MMA is synthesized through carbonylation and condensation reactions. The process developed by PJCHEM not only challenge the foreign technology monopoly but also rich the downstream product of ethylene and methanol.

Technical Features:

  • 1. Short process, low energy consumption
  • 2. Compared with the traditional hydrocyanic acid process, the processes are characterized by environment-friendly and non-toxic 
  • 3. High purity of MMA product

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