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PGA Synthesis and modification

Developed independently by PJCHEM, the PGA synthesis and modification technology refer to industrialized syngas to glycolic acid. The polyglycolic acid polymers can be obtained by further polymerization of glycolic acid, and then modified so that they can be applied in different fields. Until now, the laboratory test and pilot test have been completed. Considering the initial market limitation, Polymer Scientific Co. Ltd. is engaged in the construction of a chemical plant with 10,000-ton/per year capacity. It is expected to be officially commissioning in 2019. So far, the 300-ton pilot plant has been already in operation for 2 years, and PGA product synthesized is suitable for a variety of molding processes such as r injection molding, thin film, fiber, etc.

Technical Features:

  • PGA polymer characterized by good biodegradability and biocompatibility, high mechanical strength and superior ability of gas barrier.
  • New and low-cost process, and wide application field.

  • Easy to large-scale commercial plant;

  • Common feedstocks and environment-friendly process
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