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Acetylene Carbonylation to Acrylic Acid

With acetylene, CO and water as the main raw materials, the acetylene can produce acrylic acid through one-step carbonylation reaction. This technology was developed jointly by PJCHEM, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, and Anhui Wanwei Group. Based on PJCHEM's investigation on the acetylene industry and calcium carbide market in China, the kiloton-level pilot test was carried out in 2012. In September 2014 , 1 kt/per year capacity pilot plant was started-up which provides the data basis for the future commercial plants.

Technical Features:

  • The single pass conversion of acetylene : ≥85%, selectivity (CH2CHCOOH) : ≥95%
  • Atomic utilization ratio: 100%
  • The non-toxic homogeneous catalysts with low corrosion and high efficient activity
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