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Acetic Acid Hydrogenation to Ethanol

Acetic acid and H2 are the main raw materials in conducting the hydrogenation reaction to obtain ethanol products. Based on the in-depth research on the reaction and catalyst mechanism, in 2010, PJCHEM developed the process with Xiamen University to solve the problem of acetic acid overcapacity. For this process, as further development, PJCHEM ultimate goal is to meet Chinese market requirement of clean fuel ethanol acting as the additives or even replacing gasoline in the future.

Technical Features:

  • 1. Short process, energy saving , low investment, and without special metal;
  • 2. Catalyst characterized by high activity and stability, either noble metal or non-noble metal catalysts available
  • 3. The acetic acid conversion: >99.5%, and space time yield of catalyst (STY) >850g/kgcat/h
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