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Syngas to Glycolic acid

With syngas and O2 as main raw materials, glycolic acid is synthesized from syngas and O2 via DMO as intermediate. Glycolic acid is one of the simplest α-hydroxy acids. The aqueous solution is mainly applied as industrial cleaning agents, water treatment and other fields. Purified GA is mainly used for cosmetics and food additives. Moreover, GA can be further polymerization to synthesis PGA, a high performance and biodegradable materials with remarkable promising future in the market. This technology was researched and developed independently by PJCHEM in 2010. PJCHEM possesses all intellectual property rights of the whole process. To date, PJCHEM has authorized the customer, Inner Mongolia Tongliao Gold Coal Co. Ltd., with 8 kt/per year capacity, and the device has been in stable operation since June 2015.

Technical Features:

  • 1. 100% atomic utilization rate, and low cost of raw materials
  • 2. Easy to achieve industrialization based on ethylene glycol technology
  • Environment-friendly process, and high-quality product
  • 3. Unique hydrolysis technology, and high purity of GA product
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