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Syngas to MEG

The MEG process, which is synthesized through syngas and O2 and via DMO as intermediate, was jointly developed by PJCHEM, ECUST, and Anhui Huaihua Group. Since China’s annual import of ethylene glycol products is near 10 million tons in 2018, the successful development and application of this technology has made up for the shortage of the current state-owned technologies and has alleviated the supply shortage in the market. To date, 14 of our customers have been authorized by PJCHEM, and four large-scale chemical plants, namely Erdos Xinhang Energy Co. Ltd., Anhui Huaihua Group, Shanxi Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd (Ping Ding), and Inner Mongolia Yi’gao Coal and Chemical Technology Co. Ltd., have been in smooth operation.

Technical Features:

  • 1. Well-proven, safe and reliable process with totally independent intellectual property rights;
  • 2. Catalyst characterized by high activity, long lifespan, wide tolerance, and lower precious metal content ;
  • 3. pioneers on the research and development of new reactors and large-scale reactor;
  • 4. Lowest ratio of H2/DMO (30-40)
  • 5. Environment-friendly process with unique tail gas treatment catalyst

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