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Low-pressure Carbonlyation of Methanol to Acetic Acid

The main feedstock of the process includes methanol and carbon monoxide. The PJCHEM technology is Rh-based homogeneous catalytic process characterized by low water content and low pressure. Based on the pertinent research findings of Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the past two decades, PJCHEM has developed the 3rd generation of catalysts and PDP, and successfully applied them in industrialization in the commercial plants of Henan Shunda Chemical Co. Ltd, Sinopec Great Wall Energy (Ningxia) and Yunnan Yunwei Group respectively. Presently, PJCHEM has offered 5 commercial plants with a total capacity of 1,400 kt.

Technical Features:

  • 1. Highly stable multi-metal catalyst system with minimal loss
  • 2. Highly active catalyst, high space time yield, selectivity (CH3COOH)>99%

  • 3. Ultra-low water content, less side reactions, low corrosive process, highly efficient and energy-saving
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