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In 2009, PJCHEM set up “Feiyang Scholarship” for college students home and abroad, a specialized progress scholarship for students mainly majoring in the field of chemical industry and materials. Feiyang Scholarship concentrates on progress and breakthrough, and only requires students’ progress to be appreciated instead of excellence. It is aimed at encouraging students to be positive and form their own initial outlook of value and life, to establish the faith to exceed themselves and to motivate them to set up the grand ambition of “Constant self-striving and a flying-up heart”.

The scholarship is appraised once a year mainly based on students’ academic ranking rise compared with the former year as well as considering other comprehensive abilities. Two scholarship items exist, namely “the extra prize for progress” and “the excellence prize for progress”. 

In recent ten years, more than 600 students have been prized and the scholarship is gaining fame among students and teachers in East China University of Science and Technology, Nanjing Tech University, Changzhou University, Xiamen University, Northwest University, South China University of Technology, Nankai University, Shanghai University and Oxford University. 

What’s more, students are encouraged to pay attention to self-improvement as well as to never forget the original intention and feedback the society. The prized students are regularly arranged to take part in the “Offering Love” activity held with FeiYang Hope Primary School, to pay attention to society and set up examples, spreading FeiYang spirit forever. 

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