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PJCHEM and Britain OxCCU signed cooperation agreement for producing PGA via CO2 capture and reform technology

Release date:2022-02-01


Pujing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (PJCHEM) signed the Strategic Co-operation Agreement with Oxford carbon capture technology Co., Ltd (OxCCU) at Begbroke Science Park, Oxford University on January, 28, 2022. Principals of both sides, including the Chairman of PJCHEM Zhu Shen, Professor Peter Edwards also acting as the former dean of Inorganic Department, the Academician of St. Catherine's College of Oxford University, Professor Einstein of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the co-founder and director of OxCCU, as well as other main leader from both sides attended the signing ceremony. 


               Dr. Tiancun Xiao, the Senior researcher, Department of Chemistry, Oxford University, co-founder  and managing director of OxCUU (left); Zhu Shen, the Chairman of PJCHEM (right)

 According to the agreement, both sides will cooperate in respective field, fully use technologies and market advantages respectively, and further promote the PGA project based on CO2 as carbon source via CO2 capture and reform technology. Both sides are dedicated to launc in the world. In the following future, both sides will utilize respective technology advantages to produce biodegradable PGA using CO2 reforming process, while CO2 comes from air or emitted by fossil industry. The properties of PGA determine that it can replace some conventional disposable plastic, therefore overcoming related environmental problems of plastic pollution because of its full biodegradability in natural environment. 

PJCHEM is committed to the research development and industrialization of high-tech achievements of novel chemical technologies and materials. In active response of the national call of carbon reduction, in passed decades, PJCHEM has developed novel technology for producing biodegradable plastic by fine cultivation and focused exploration in novel technology. OxCCU, a high-tech company set up by Oxford University, is mainly focused on technology about transforming CO2 into kerosene or green chemicals. Meanwhile, OxCCU also takes an active part in exploring low-carbon and zero-carbon emission technology. The cooperation between both sides plays an important and far-reaching role in global carbon reduction, warming effect improvement and sustainable development of environment.