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PGA National Standards got the Committee’s approval

Release date:2022-02-08

Recently, the national standard of fully-biodegradable polyglycolic acid (PGA) was officially approved by the National Standards Committee. Led by Chn Energy Group Chemical Corporation and assisted by Pujing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University as well as other units, in 2019, the standard was submitted to National Technical Committee for standardization of bio based materials and degradable products. It was approved by National Standards Committee in Document〔2021〕41 after preliminary demonstration, project defense, publicity.

The development of coal-based biodegradable PGA technology and materials is important and meaningful measures to deeply fulfill national policy of plastic ban and the ‘Guidance on promoting the high-quality development of central enterprises and doing a great job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization’ made by state-owned assets supervision and administration commission.

The establishment of PGA product standard will further perfect the biodegradable plastic standard system, including the aspects of manufacturing, processing and utilizing, ensure the green development of plastic industry, and promote the high-end, diversified and low-carbon development of coal chemical industry. This will further pave the way for winning the war against “while pollution” and create advantages for realizing sustainable environmental development.